Wedding Venues

Terms and Conditions

Names and Contact Information for Bride and Groom (when applicable/a wedding): Bride: ________________ ________________ ____________________ (Telephone) Groom: _______________ ________________ ______ ______________ (Telephone) If the terms and conditions set forth in this contract meets your requirements, please sign in the space provided below and remit your deposit of $500 made payable to: HamptonRoads Event Services, LLC Renting Party _________ _____________________ ____ ____/_____/_____ Signature Date This agreement is entered into between "Hampton Roads Event Services LLC” hereinafter the “Contractor", "Leasor", "Owner", "Rental Coordinator" or "Agent" and the above named hereinafter the “Client”, "Leasee", "Renter" or "Rentee". It is understood that this contract is binding on both parties. It cannot be altered or changed unless agreed to in writing by the said parties, Contractor and Client. THE ENTIRE BALANCE SHALL BE PAID NO LATER THAN 15 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMMEMCEMENT OF THE EVENT ON THE ABOVE STATED DATE(S) unless prior payment arrangements have been made in writing. First payment will be 30% if total services are greater than $2,000. If total services are greater than $2,000, monthly payments shall be received by the contractor from the client by the fourth day of every month. The monthly payments shall be calculated as the remaining balance divided by the number of remaining months until the contract event date minus one month. Late fees and finance charges will be applied to overdue balances at the judgment rate of 10%. Additional rate for overtime for labor is $100.00(USD) per half hour per service/line item listed on the contract and $500 for property rental per additional hour. Photographs will be taken for promotional / advertising purposes. Mini-rig/sound system to support sound for ceremonies that are not held in the same room as the reception and available for additional charge. No changes may be made to the agreed upon services unless agreed upon in written by both parties. The parties acknowledge that the obligations of Contractor and of Client under this Agreement are incapable of valuation with any reasonable degree of certainty. In the event that Client should fail to fulfill any of the obligations of this Agreement, the Contractor may bring an action to enforce all obligations under this Agreement. The Client is responsible to communicate for delivery and pickup availability. This Agreement shall insure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their representatives and First Payment of $__________ is paid Printed on this date ___________. except as specifically provided herein, the client may not make any assignment of this Agreement or any interest therein without the prior written consent of the Contractor. It is understood and agreed that Contractor shall have the right to assign this Agreement to any successor, or to any direct or indirect subsidiary of the Contractor who shall also be bound by the terms and provisions of this agreement. Agreement expires and is null and void if not sign within 10 days of the above “contract date above”. Cancellation of the engagement by the Client must be made in writing and will result in forfeiture of all retainers and payments. If cancellation is made the entire balance will be due immediately. If cancellation is greater than 30 days, event may be rescheduled based on Contractor’s availability of similar revenue/value or greater within 30 days and holds the event(s) within six months and the entire balance will be due by the original event date above. [IMPORTANT 10 DAY CLAUSE] This contract should be signed and returned no later than 10 days after the contract date with the minimum NON-REFUNDABLE retainer/deposit/first payment. Retainer will be deducted from final balance due. Failure to do so could result in loss of the engagement date. A $65(USD) Charge will be applied to any returned checks. All credit card charges will have an additional 4% to cover the processing fee. A $150 (USD) charge will be applied per each credit card charge back. All payments are non-refundable. Promotional discounts are null and void if not combined with other services. Client assumes responsibility of obtaining any permits and licenses as required by local authorities. Failure will make all contracts final and completed. Any failures due to unforeseen circumstances by Contractor shall be remedied within 30 minutes without penalty and without wavering sovereign immunity. Damage to any property will require full repair and or replacement if such damage is caused by the Client, nature, member of the organization, guest or any third party member by gross negligence, accidental or willful misconduct. Quantity of services provided as stated above is one unless otherwise stated above in contract. If any services or rental items pose as a safety concern, those services or rental items will be terminated with no refund. If recovery and delivery services are used, rented items will be pro-rated by the current contract in no less than one hour increments. Set-up and tear-down services and delivery to other than ground floor is available at an additional charge. The security of our property and equipment is your responsibility. All goods and items being rented from the Contractor are the property of the Contractor even if the items are customized. We reserve the right to charge for missing or damaged items upon return date/times. No refunds will be issued. Rates are subject to change without notice. Placing a first payment insures locking in current pricing. Prices on quotes are only good for 10 days. All vendors to include caterering and bartending will be required to have their own insurance and proper licenses. Contractor cannot be held responsible for forced majeure events, natural events and weather that might prevent contractual agreements (including power/internet loss, water, mandatory evacuation or etcetera). The Client assumes all responsibility for any physical damage to Contractor’s property or equipment caused by the Client, member of the organization, guest or any third party member by gross negligence, accidental or willful misconduct. The client will be charged for material and labor cost replacement for the item plus a $45 processing fee due to any damage recovery. If delivery and recovery services are being used, it is the client's responsibility to verify if all items being rented are in acceptable condition and accounted for. Contractor is not responsible for any clean up unless services are listed in the "Services Provided" block above. It is the Client's responsiblity to provide/supply shelter for any outdoor uses. If the event has begun and the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, all contracts will be final and completed. Capacity and Season The Barn can accommodate up to 80 to 100 people depending on floor layout. More space may require the rentee to supply rented tent for extra space. It is understood by the rentee that it is the Barn and the grounds immediately surroundings of the Barn that are being rented and that the house may be occupied by other individuals not associated by the rentee's event. The rental season is April – November. Services Provided This contract guarantees the exclusive use of the Barn, and adjacent grounds. Guests are not permitted on the Barn balcony. Other amenities included with the rental are: • Use of 110VAC • Food warming and chilling only (full - scale cooking is not permitted unless otherwise agreed upon in writing); • Use of the grounds for wedding ceremonies and photography by a photographer hired by the rentee are included in the rental fee for grounds rented; • Horse Corral and property east of the horse corral usage/entrance is an additional $350. • A staff representative on duty the day of the event to assist with Facility concerns. Croquet, horseshoes, cornhole and other lawn games are permitted in specified areas. The owner reserves the right to veto/deny activities that are or appear to be from the owner's belief and or staff too dangerous or liable, that may be damaging to the buildings or grounds, or that may disturb property owners surrounding the barn. The Client must comply with the City of Suffolk sound ordinance, no discharging of weapons and be respectful of our neighbors and their property during the event. Terms and Conditions 1. Rentals are for 4 hours with the option of booking one or two extra hours in advance for a fee of $500 per hour. Events must be concluded on the same day no later than 10 p.m.
2. This contract allows three hours for the caterer and three hours for the client to set - up and one hour of break - down time on the day of the event. There will be a fee of $ 100 per hour for exceeding the time limit.
3. A rental tent is may be set up on the grass for larger events with an additional facilities fee of $350. The Client must also supply extra tables and seating. Portable toilet facilities are to be adequate for the number of guests and to be brought in and removed on the day of the event.
4. Client will acquire a Certificate of Insurance showing general liability in the amount of $1,000,000 showing the HamptonRoads Event Services, LLC and Curtis Walls as an additional insured on a primary and non - contributory basis. All certificates of insurance shall be filed with the HamptonRoads Event Services, LLC and must be presented to the owners or representative (herein referred to as the Rental Coordinator) within 45 days of the event. They must indicate a 30 - day written notice of cancellation or non - renewal to HamponRoads Event Services, LLC. The type and limits of insurance coverage shall not be less than $1,000,000 and shall be written with insurers authorized to do business in the State of Virginia and with Bests’ ratings of A - or better. View Pricing page at for examples of event insurance.
5. Caterers must be insured to serve food and beverages to their clients at the site with a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability and $1,000,000 liquor liability. The renter must provide the Rental Coordinator a signed Caterers' Contract and a certificate of general liability and liquor liability insurance at least 45 days in advance of the event.
6. If you hire an independent bartender, the renter must provide the Rental Coordinator a signed Contract and supply a certificate of insurance showing that the bartender has $1,000,000 liquor liability policy with the HamptonRoads Event Services, LLC and Curtis Walls names as co - insured for the event. The renter is responsible for getting this to the Rental Coordinator 45 days prior to the event.
7. For your protection, the owner reserves the right to approve all caterer s. The renter is urged to let the Rental Coordinator know the name of the caterer they have selected as soon as possible.
8. The Rental Coordinator will be happy to provide a preferred list of caterers that have been reliable and performed well in the past . You may hire a professional caterer not on the list who meets the required insurance coverage and who is willing to abide by all regulations. The owner has the right to approve all caterers . Caterers who have not met our standards and who have not followed these regulations may not be approved and denied access to the facilities.
9. Caterers who have not worked at the site in the past and/or are unknown to the Rental Coordinator are required to provide three references and a $500 refundable security deposit 45 days prior to the event.
10. The renter must provide a Security Deposit of $500 along with the Rental Fee that is refundable after the event . The renter will be liable for any damages to the premises to include garbage/waste/debris and property that is caused by the renter, the guests or by persons or companies hired by the renter. Renters and their Caterers must leave the property in the pre-existing condition, in clean, tidy and good condition with all garbage, bottles, decorations, etc. removed at the conclusion of the event. They must comply with all provisions and limitations specified in the rental contract. If they do not comply , all or a portion of the security deposit will be withheld.
11. To have goods delivered or picked up, the renter must contact the Contractor for scheduling. The Contractor takes no responsibility for items left before or after the event. The renter contracts for the day of the event only and may with caterers and rental companies be required to remove all goods, tents, rental equipment, etc. from the premises immediately after the event. On many weekends, two or three rentals are scheduled and school groups and meetings are often scheduled in the Barn on Mondays or during the week.
12. In the event that the owners feel that there is or will be any violation of the contract or state/city or local regulations , they have the right to cancel the event for cause at any time, including during the event. They will not be responsible for any losses suffered by the renter when the event is cancelled for cause.
13. HamptonRoads Event Services, LLC reserves the right of approval for the use of the premises, and if they should decide to cancel an event for reasons other than those specified, they will make every effort to notify the renter in a timely fashion and will refund the deposit in full .
Other Requirements and Special Concerns
1. The renter and all invited guests shall follow all requests of the Rental Coordinator and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
2. Alcohol requirements:
•ABC License shall be printed/hardcopy located on the property
• Alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured vendor;
• Kegs and swizzle sticks are prohibited;
• Servers must remove and dispose of bottle caps prior to serving; • Servers will close the bar no less than:
-- 15 minutes prior to the end of a 4 - hour event
-- 30 minutes prior to the end of a 5/6 hour event.
3. The following are not permitted:
• Rice or confetti, etc. thrown in the Barn or on the grounds;
• Helium balloons inside the Barn;
• Candles, smoking or flames inside the Barn or within 50 feet of a structure;
• Nails, tacks or staples used in the Barn or anywhere on the grounds or structures;
• Alteration of the grounds, Barn, gardens or other parts of the premises (no picking of flowers etc.)
4. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Please encourage your guests to use the bucket receptacles provided. A portion of the Security Deposit will be withheld if the Contractor has to clean up cigarette butts following an event.
5. No guest is permitted in the lofts/second floor.
6. Outdoor grills may be set up in designated areas only by the Rental Coordinator.
7. Events must be concluded on the same day no later than 10 P.M. At all times we reserve the right to close doors and windows to keep the noise at an acceptable level.
8. The layout plan and table arrangement must be submitted to the Rental Coordinator seven (7) days in advance of the event. Deliveries to the property must be made by per - arrangement only, scheduled 48 hours in advance and must be made so that there is no interruption to the property's schedule or other events.
-------End of Contract-------